Gama Carbon Steel Limited, an industrial engineering and steel casting company located in Istanbul Turkey, is Rolling Mill Roll and Crusher Mill Components supplier for the mills and project companies. Our priority is to fulfill entire technical requirements in respect to life-term and performance criterias therefore providing satisfactory for most involved technical staff in roll shop of the mills, crusher unites of cement mills and mining areas and also such heavy duty industrial applications. Every single part produced in accordance with ISO standarts is controlled by certificated personal starting from simulating of casting stages, chemical  composition, ultrasonic tests, dimensional, bending and strength controls.  The entire production period is scheduled according to the dates of delivery which is agreed mutually, covering shipment period till arrival of the goods to the plant.

Our Tube Division is supplier of centrifugal cast pipes and seamless tubes for Power Plants, HydroElectric Power Units, Petrochemical Industry and refineries for especially transferring purposes.

We remain sincere thank our partners who shared our common values for sustainable growth along the years

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